Thursday, June 11, 2015

Last Man Standing

A few years back this gold buying business was booming, with lots of people selling their gold and silver jewelry for cash, and many similar shops opened up as precious metal buyers. There were barber shops, car repair garages, lube services and check cashing places buying gold and silver on the side to cash in on what seemed like a lucrative business opportunity. Unfortunately many of these shops opened up with no experience in the gold, jewelry, or diamond industry and as a result, many hard working Americans were duped into selling their gold for less than its true value. 
Others that had experience in the business used this model as a chance to cheat individuals and take advantage of those who had little knowledge of the true value of precious metals and fine jewelry. Many shops opened up and were low-balling individuals whom they felt they can take advantage of while offering fair offers to those they felt understood their item's true value. 
We hear story after story from clients that used to sell to these unscrupulous businesses of all the tricks they used, be it uncalibrated scales, faulty acid testing, or simply low balling individuals on prices. 
After several years of various shops opening and closing, it seems only the honest and trustworthy businesses remain. Although a few unscrupulous shops still exist, we feel confident we will be counted among the honest and trustworthy businesses, and we will be the last man standing.

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