Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What goes down comes back up

What happens when you hear that gold and silver have dropped down over $200 in a matter of a week's time? To the lowest in 2 years? Disregard it....unless you are heavily invested in gold and or silver (then you need to see your doc to get that BP under control!). And even then, we'd say, sit tight. These precious metals are still valuable. Once the dust settles, they will climb back up. But it does make one blue while it's down.

As for those that have unwanted jewelry but now think they will not get enough, it is a slightly valid concern but you will still get a lot more than you think. 
Now this change is not because we want to pocket more from you. But as gold goes up or down, so do the prices. All reputable buyers base their buying prices on the New York Spot Price. Yes, that price keeps changing but we use that as a basis to set the buying price.

Bottom line, here at Turn It To Cash, we treat you fair and square whether the market is $1900, $1600 or $1300! You know, just a few years ago, gold was in the $600 range! Imagine that for perspective.

You are welcome to visit either of our locations where we can evaluate what you have right in front of you.

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