Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Labor Day 2012

Turn It To Cash will be closed 
Monday September 3, 2012 
in observance of Labor Day

Wishing all a safe and happy holiday weekend!

Regular hours will resume Tues Sept 4th, 2012

Where can I sell gold?

Where do you sell gold is usually on your mind if you have some broken gold and need money for gold. You deserve and should be treated fairly and not taken advantage of. 

There are many places that are set up to buy gold as buyers of gold. But it will be wise to do a little research and go to trustworthy and established buyers of gold. Read reviews online, call around, ask friends about their experiences, check out the BBB. We've seen food marts, gas stations, oil lubes, and barber shops - businesses that have nothing to do with jewelry buying gold. Getting your oil change and selling your gold may seem convenient but are you sure that the oil change place is using legal for trade gold scales and testing accurately?

Buyers of gold should only use legal for trade scales that are approved by their state's Department of Weights and Measures.
Buyers of gold need to be certified and licensed by the State and City. This makes them accountable. The money for gold you receive should be fair and based on the current markets. Integrity and trustworthiness are requirements of this trade. Look for buyers of gold that can measure up to that so that when you are out selling gold, you know you are being treated fairly. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

When to sell gold

With Australia's largest gold miner Newcrest Mining suspending operations at its Lihir gold mine in Papua New Guinea amid a dispute with a local landowner group, about now is a great time to answer this question - when to sell gold.

When to sell gold can make a difference in your payout, as when markets are up, payouts are up too. That means you will get more money for gold when the supply may perceive to have some issues. A large mine embroiled in labor disputes mean production will slow down, thus supply will slow. Thus markets edge up.

Where can I sell gold? May I suggest Turn It To Cash, a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business serving the East Valley of Phoenix with 2 locations in Chandler.
Open Monday through Friday 9:30am to 5:30pm, and Saturdays till 4pm.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gold Can Be Not So Glittery

For many decades, selling wholesale jewelry gave us an insight to the jewelry industry.
But that has been nothing compared to the past 5 years and what we've learnt in the gold and silver buying fields.

People come in with jewelry they've purchased at well known retail stores, chain stores and yet these items are not what they thought them to be.
We've seen jewelry that people thought to be 14K White Gold be Sterling Silver. 
We've seen jewelry that people thought to be 14K yellow gold to actually be 14K 1/20 GF.
We've seen jewelry that people thought to be diamonds to actually be Cubic Zirconias.

Now, them thinking what they have does not mean they were misled on purpose. People get confused with the various marketing verbiage that is used. Like silver on silverware may mislead one to think they are buying a real silver piece but in reality, it's silver plated. 
To the consumer, we suggest you have a clear understanding of what you are buying so you do get what you are paying for.