Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What should you expect when you come to a gold buyer?

Not sure about the others but this gold & silver buyer does things differently! 
Turn It To Cash, Inc are licensed precious metal buyers with a BBB+ Accredited standing. Our policy is to treat all our customers with dignity and integrity. We strive to give our customers full value of their unwanted jewelry. We are aware there are many options out there but we believe we stand above the rest because we are fair and transparent in each and every transaction. 

First off, we examine the pieces in front of you, to identify and separate by karat (18K, 14K, 10K, 925) and metal (gold, silver, platinum). We've had instances that customers came in with a silver looking chain that other places offered to buy as silver while it was marked and tested white gold!!

Then each item is tested in front of you to check for purity. 18K should be 75%, 14K should be 58.5% and 10K should be 41.6% pure. This test, while it requires us to rub the item, does not damage your items. We also use a density scale for some items, which requires us to place the solid jewelry piece in water. We want to reiterate again, this does not damage your item but helps us make an assessment to the purity of your item, which then lets us determine the price.

Once we assess the purity, we will weigh the items in front of you on our AZDWM certified and calibrated scales. We weigh in gram (gm), but can give you the weight in pennyweight (dwt) and troy ounce (t/oz )should you wish.

After the weight is determined, the items are priced per gram based on the karat and we make you an offer on what your gold is worth. The price is based on the current gold market price, thus it changes daily but rest assured, it is the best price everyday. We believe in treating our customers fairly - so you can tell your family and friends about us too.

Be it a diamond ring you do not want anymore, smashed earrings, platinum wire or coins, we are able to buy these from you. Tested, weighed and priced all in front of you.

Unwanted diamond rings? We buy them!
We buy Platinum TC wires
We buy and don't pass judgement - yes, these were earrings once upon a time:)
Silver bullion? We'll buy silver junk coins too!
Come in today to either of our Chandler locations.

4040 S Arizona Ave, Ste 22 - Located at the corner of Arizona & Ocotillo

1200 N Arizona Ave, Ste 4 - Off Arizona, 1/4 mile north of Ray