Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gold Buyer Nominated!

We are pleased to announce that Turn It To Cash has been nominated to receive the prestigious "Best Of Greater Phoenix" Award in the "Jewelry Buyers" category in the Valley.

Turn It To Cash has been your licensed gold buyer, serving the entire Greater Phoenix region with honor, dignity and trust from our Chandler location since 2008. If you appreciate our business ethics, business dealings, customer service and quality of our products and services, your valuable input in the form of ratings and reviews will be greatly appreciated.
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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Gold Buyer

Who is a gold buyer?
    Is the barbershop that cuts hair and buys gold a gold buyer?
    The hostess of a gold party, is she a gold buyer?
    Is it the pawnshop?
    Are jewelry stores now gold buyers?

A real gold buyer is licensed by the city/county to buy precious metals and abide by the rules and laws to protect the citizens. Licensed buyers have rules to follow which in turn protect the citizens and customers.

Just because someone sets up a website or a sign in their window for 'We Buy Gold' should not be reason enough to do business with them. Make sure to use a business that knows what they are doing and chances are you will get a better payout.

Turn It To Cash in Chandler is a licensed precious metal buyer. Here to buy your old jewelry, broken jewelry, scrap jewelry, estate jewelry, outdated jewelry, dental gold, rings with missing stones, sterling silver serviceware, Native American turquoise jewelry, silver jewelry, American gold and silver coins. We are the gold buyer Chandler chooses. We are the gold buyer Mesa turns to. We are the gold buyer GIlbert depends on. We are the gold buyer Queen Creek trusts. We are the gold buyer Phoenix east or west appreciates.

Who should I sell my gold to?

Who can I sell my gold and silver to? Who should I trust?
There are many options available now to you the seller. You have jewelry that you do not wear or want. You may have jewelry that is broken, or mis matched.

All that is worth money.
- You can go to a pawn shop.
- You can mail it to a cash for gold website.
- You can sell it to the barber shop or hotel lobby or gas station that has a 'we buy gold' sign.
- You can go to a jewelry store.
- You can go to a licensed second hand precious metal buyer. Turn It To Cash in Chandler is just that.

We buy your gold and silver jewelry regardless of condition.

We will test your jewelry in front of you without damaging it.

We will weigh it on our scales in grams or pennyweight, in front of you.

We will price your valuables based on the current market without any gimmicks and make you an offer.

We buy gold and pay you on the spot. We buy silver and pay you on the spot. We buy gold and silver coins and pay you on the spot. We buy silver and turquoise and pay you on the spot.
We want your business. We value your business. We work hard for your business.