Saturday, October 31, 2009

Gold market is low at $1,044.00?

The gold market is low at $1,044.00/oz.
Now what is wrong with this statement? And how can I be saying that? Mind you, my statement is accurate but the context of calling a $1,044 market 'low' is what is mind boggling! In my span of over 35 years working in the precious metal market, gold has never gone over $1,000 or stayed there for any period of time...since the very 1st occurrence in March 2008 when it peaked for just a few days, then dropping into the $900s and then again hitting all time highs this month. What a month October 2009 has been!! A record breaking high of $1,061.75!!!

The closest that I can recall was 1980 when gold went to the 800s. Lowest that I can recall was August 1976 with gold at under $ that was when we should have bought the coins! The lowest since that high in 1980 was on 7/20/99 when the gold market hit a low of $252.80.

Some people say gold and oil move up and down together, or if gold is up, the dollar is down. Both make sense, and can be right. I do not trade in gold for investment purposes - gold has been my business and so I speak about it in terms of how it affects business and the average person. But it is nice to see the parallels drawn between the mammoths of the capitalist markets - gold, currency and oil. But I think right now is the time to sell gold that you have on hand - your jewelry that you do not wear, the broken stuff in the back of your drawer, or the coins from a decade ago. You will get a whole lot more.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Squash Blossom Necklaces

I've always admired the squash blossom necklace for its beauty, its power, its endearing style. It takes a certain kind of a woman to carry this piece off as it draws attention that you have to be able to handle. And isn't it nice to know the history behind how this squash blossom came into being? It appears to have roots in Spanish influence when their horses had ornate irons on their bridles and that caught the eye of the Southwestern Indians. They would wear these irons as pendants, or 'Najas'. Then as generations passed, the Indians started making their own Najas, making them with other metals besides iron, but still wearing them mainly as a pendant. Then in the 1800s when beads became more familiar in jewelry, the Naja was strung onto a string of beads, making it look more ornate. Stones were added to this necklace by the Zuni that then the Navajo adapted. Now the more common squash blossom necklaces have turquoise.

These necklaces are works of arts that are usually made on the various Indian reservations. While someone would have bought an ornate, elaborate turquoise piece and worn it with pride at one stage in life, they may be past wearing such art around their necks now. So what do you do with this now?
Bring it to Turn It To Cash and let us buy it off your hands. Isn't cash in hand better than a necklace you are not going to be wearing anymore? If you truly are done wearing or holding on to your squash blossom necklace or other gold or silver jewelry, give us a call at 800-527-5079 or visit us online at or come to our store in Chandler, easily accessible to the Phoenix and surrounding valley areas.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Gold Market Rally

What is going on with the precious metal markets?

The last few days have seen all time highs in the gold market - spot prices NEVER seen or experienced before! It was $1,040.25 on Oct 7th. And today, it's already over $1,050!
Now I am of the opinion you do not want to buy gold jewelry at this price as I have seen gold as low as $275 an ounce. But what I am not sure about is will gold come down to the 300s or even 500s??? Or will it keep climbing up? I thought gold in the 900s was a great deal but now I am telling you sell the jewelry you do not want or wear anymore and cash it out at this $1000+ market!
Come on in to our store at 1200 N Arizona Ave, Chandler, visit us online at or hey, go to your source and cash out.
Might as well get more cash in your pocket by acting now!