Saturday, July 18, 2009

Purity in metals

Your broken, mismatched or out dated gold and silver jewelry is cash for you.

How? do you ask.

The cash comes from the precious metal content in these items. You get the value of the pure metal in your jewelry. The broken jewelry is melted and refined. Then the precious metal is extracted. This extracted metal then is accumulated into pure gold, pure silver or pure platinum. It is actually kind of a recycling so while you get cash in your hand, you are being eco-friendly and green too as the mining is lessened when these precious metals are reused.

24K gold is 99-100% pure

22K gold is 91.6% pure

18K gold is 75% pure

14K gold is 58.3% pure

10K gold is 41.7% pure

Silver is 92.5% pure

Platinum is 95% pure

So your broken gold chains, dented silver earrings, mismatched gold earrings, missing stone gold rings, old style gold bracelet, the diamond ring that just does not fit your current style, hand made turquoise jewelry can give you more now.

what do we buy?

While we buy your broken gold, silver and platinum jewelry, we also are able to buy jewelry you are bored with and no longer want.

Please come to our store with your jewelry or request a kit online from our website, and let us give you a price for the jewelry.

We will test it in front of you when you come to the store.

If you are one of the ones mailing it in, we assure you it is tested, noted, valued and then the offer is made to you. Either way, we want to give you the best value for your jewelry.

We keep mentioning jewelry but we want you to know we buy a whole lot more:

broken gold jewelry

broken silver jewelry

dental gold

dental silver

diamonds 1/4 carat and larger


gold bangle

gold bars

gold bracelet

gold chain

gold charms

gold coins

gold earring

gold money clip

gold pendant

gold ring

gold watch

school ring

silver bangle

silver chain

silver charms

silver coins

silver earring

silver flatware

silver necklace

silver ring

silver service

silver wedding band it always sterling silver?

We at buy all sorts of jewelry from our customers. Sometimes people come in thinking they have something of value, and it turns out to be just base metal. There are also times when they walk in thinking they have just some junk, and lo and behold, there is real silver or gold in that pile!

Silver is a bit tricky though. Silver plated is not the same as silver in terms of value. A silver plated item has a base of metal, so it may appear heavy but the weight is not of any value.
Silver jewelry is mostly never pure silver...pure silver is not strong enough to be molded into jewelry. Hence Sterling Silver comes into play. Sterling Silver is 92.5 part silver and 7.5 alloy metal - copper, nickel or the likes of that. The weight of a sterling silver item will give you the value of silver as you have 92.5% silver in it.

Look for stamping also. Sterling silver items should have some stamping, usually '925', 'STERLING, 'SS', '950', '800'. At times, the piece may be too small to have a full stamp, so a stamped tag is attached to it. With wear, a stamping can fade also...seen that quite a bit. You can also find country names like 'Italy', 'Thailand', 'China', 'Mexico' stamped. This tells you where this piece was created. Some countries have very strict laws and maintain strict standards, so their stamp means 92.5% silver. Alas some countries are not so diligent and their silver pieces have more alloy metals and lower silver content.

But being stamped does not mean it is sterling silver. Believe me, I have buckets of it to prove. Things look like silver and appear stamped as silver but when it is assayed, it is not. There are some unscrupulous people who actually sell the stuff as silver, thus cheating a chain of people - the wholesaler, the jewelry store owner, the retail customer all are duped. Buyers like me are duped too if the test comes back as silver but the content is very low, like 60 part silver to 40 part alloy metal or even lower.

We test your jewelry right in front of your eyes, so we can see what it is and give you the value based on that test. And we will explain what we see. I have faith that there is more good, more honesty, more ethics out there and that the fake stamped jewelry is only a few and far between.