Saturday, December 26, 2009

Buying Turquoise and Native American Jewelry

Native American Indian jewelry from the tribes of the southwest is as varied as the tribes themselves. And tribes there are, with over 20 in the Southwestern part of America alone. Acoma, Apache, Cochiti, Havasupai, Hualapai, Isleta, Jemez, Jicarilla, Laguna, Mohave, Pima, Taos, Yavapai are some just to name a few.

However, the Native American jewelry which most people envision and look for tends to be similar to the Navajo jewelry, Hopi jewelry and Zuni jewelry. The Zuni artisans are masters in Fetish necklaces. The Navajo are renowned for the Squash Blossom necklace. The Hopi have mastered overlay in jewelry, creating exquisite bracelets, cuffs, rings. This does not limit them to just these pieces - every piece created is nearly always a work of art in its uniquness and craftsmanship. And history and heritage is attached to every creation also.

Stones make for a major role in Native American jewelry. Turquoise is the king, but you will also find coral in its various colors, jasper, lapiz, sugilite, onyx and many more.

Bring your Turquoise and Silver Native American jewelry and let us make you an offer. We will be glad to take a look at your Native American Jewelry and give you cash on the spot. Rings, earrings, squash blossom necklace, bear claw necklace, fetish necklace, heishi necklace, beaded sets, cuffs, bracelets - we will buy it all. We pay cash on the spot for Silver Native American Jewelry!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cash for Gold?

When the economy is down and things look tight at home, even a piece of jewelry can be a boon. That chain that you got ages ago and never wear can be a source of money if you take it in and have it sold for cash. With the gold market at record highs, numbers we never believed we'd see, you will get cash for gold.
Now you may wonder, what's all the rage about cash for gold and why this sudden sprouting of this industry? Its not sprouting now - just becoming more visible as its more in demand now with the tough economic times and the soaring precious metal market. Refiners have been around for decades, and the business of recycling gold has been thee for a long time now. With the production in gold mining down, recycling is more and more the answer to the demand for gold.

So why not take a look in your drawer and bring in the unworn gold jewelry, silver jewelry, broken gold jewelry, gold coins, silver coins, kinked chains, twisted earrings, rings with missing stones, sterling silver flatware that you are too tired to polish before and after each use and get top dollar for it. Turn It To Cash is your local source to come in and get an honest evaluation of your jewelry at no charge and get cash on the spot. Why mail your gold away when we are the gold buyers here in Chandler, serving the Valley with our experience and honest approach to buying your gold.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Gold tumbles as dollar surges on jobs data - MarketWatch

Gold tumbles 4% as dollar surges on jobs data - MarketWatch

Gold futures tumbled 4% Friday, sustaining their first major loss in a run that began early in November, as the U.S. dollar rose sharply after an upbeat U.S. jobs report.

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Testing jewelry

Testing gold and silver can be tricky. Its not as simple as pouring acid - it requires expertise in judgement that is gained with experience over time.

Arkansas stone, acid and a loop are a must for testing.

After rubbing some gold jewelry, we have to add the acid.

Within a few seconds of the acid on the strips shows us some very strong, and some pale.

After a full minute you can tell the item on the right has no 14K in it. See how the gold stays strong in the other 2 strips.

This testing works for silver too. But make sure to rub the item hard so you can test it accurately.

Various silver rings have been rubbed, some marked and some not marked.

Within seconds of the acid, we are looking for the one paling fastest.

And while 1, 2 and 3 stay good, 4 has paled out.

What a silver item will look when tested.

What an item that has no silver content looks like when tested.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Has the world seen the peak in gold production?

This week, the President of the largest gold mining and production company, Barrick Gold, noted that after ten years of declining production it is time to recognize that the world has seen the peak in gold production.

As the chart above from the World Gold Council shows, global gold mining production has declined since 2000.
Now what has been mined so far pretty much still exists as gold is virtually indestructible and exists in some form or the other. And that means gold from a very, very long time ago still exists.

Gold has been mined for centuries, starting during the time of the Egyptians from 2000 BC. But when you look at the total estimates of gold mined over the centuries, the bulk appears to have been mined after 1950. The bulk of this recent production came from Africa.

But output is down, especially this decade.

The biggest miner for the past few decades had been South Africa alone but in 2008 according to the US Geological Survey, the top spot was taken over by China relegating South Africa to number 2.

The top gold producing countries in 2008 were:
China - 295
S. Africa - 250
USA - 230
Australia - 225
Peru - 175
Russia - 165
Canada - 100
Data in metric tons (One metric ton (1,000 kilograms) = 32,150.7 troy ounces)

The demand for gold falls in the categories of:

 - Jewelry
 - Investment
 - Industrial

The supply of gold comes mainly from:
Now if the production is diminishing, and the demand is still increasing, and add to that the fact that gold is virtually indestructible, we will have higher gold prices moving ahead. There is no way around it unless we declare we have found gold on the moon.

Even if the demand for gold in jewelry decreases, I can certainly say demand for gold in investments will rise enough to keep overall demand for gold up for the coming years. Which translates to high gold prices for existing gold, which is gold the consumer has in the form of jewelry. After all, it is this gold that is melted and refined into bars and bullions that is bought as investments by individuals, banks and countries.

Peak Gold: Yearly Gold Production Is Now On A Permanent Downwards Slope

Yesterday the President of the largest gold mining and production company, Barrick Gold, noted that after ten years of declining production it is time to recognize that the world has seen the peak in gold production. To maintain production ore is being mined with increasingly less gold in it. (The grade of the ore, or metal content, defines whether it is profitable to mine.)

Read on...

Peak Gold: Yearly Gold Production Is Now On A Permanent Downwards Slope

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

When is a Quarter worth more that $0.25?

American Silver Quarter 1935

Now what kind of a question is can a Quarter be worth more than 25 cents?
Well, it can be.

How you ask?
Well, here goes...
- When it is a silver coin
- When it is minted in 1964 and prior
- When the silver coin is in fair condition

There are many buyers for these coins...avid coin collectors, novice collectors, hobbyists, numismatists or precious metal buyers like us, Turn It To Cash. Coins have always been collected, or should I say, hoarded as they appear to hold value over time. Centuries ago, that was being done and the proof is in the treasures found from the sea full of gold and or silver coins. Now people buy minted gold and or silver coins and bullion...India just bought 200 tons of gold this past week! 200 tons!!!

Reason enough for you to go through the piggy bank my friends. We buy US silver coins in dime, quarter and half dollars minted in 1964 and prior....and will pay you more than the dime, quarter and half dollar you hold. You get paid on the spot!
American Silver Quarter 1964

The US coins minted after 1965 are not silver, so that quarter will bring you just 25 cents...use that in the vending machine:)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Gold market is low at $1,044.00?

The gold market is low at $1,044.00/oz.
Now what is wrong with this statement? And how can I be saying that? Mind you, my statement is accurate but the context of calling a $1,044 market 'low' is what is mind boggling! In my span of over 35 years working in the precious metal market, gold has never gone over $1,000 or stayed there for any period of time...since the very 1st occurrence in March 2008 when it peaked for just a few days, then dropping into the $900s and then again hitting all time highs this month. What a month October 2009 has been!! A record breaking high of $1,061.75!!!

The closest that I can recall was 1980 when gold went to the 800s. Lowest that I can recall was August 1976 with gold at under $ that was when we should have bought the coins! The lowest since that high in 1980 was on 7/20/99 when the gold market hit a low of $252.80.

Some people say gold and oil move up and down together, or if gold is up, the dollar is down. Both make sense, and can be right. I do not trade in gold for investment purposes - gold has been my business and so I speak about it in terms of how it affects business and the average person. But it is nice to see the parallels drawn between the mammoths of the capitalist markets - gold, currency and oil. But I think right now is the time to sell gold that you have on hand - your jewelry that you do not wear, the broken stuff in the back of your drawer, or the coins from a decade ago. You will get a whole lot more.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Squash Blossom Necklaces

I've always admired the squash blossom necklace for its beauty, its power, its endearing style. It takes a certain kind of a woman to carry this piece off as it draws attention that you have to be able to handle. And isn't it nice to know the history behind how this squash blossom came into being? It appears to have roots in Spanish influence when their horses had ornate irons on their bridles and that caught the eye of the Southwestern Indians. They would wear these irons as pendants, or 'Najas'. Then as generations passed, the Indians started making their own Najas, making them with other metals besides iron, but still wearing them mainly as a pendant. Then in the 1800s when beads became more familiar in jewelry, the Naja was strung onto a string of beads, making it look more ornate. Stones were added to this necklace by the Zuni that then the Navajo adapted. Now the more common squash blossom necklaces have turquoise.

These necklaces are works of arts that are usually made on the various Indian reservations. While someone would have bought an ornate, elaborate turquoise piece and worn it with pride at one stage in life, they may be past wearing such art around their necks now. So what do you do with this now?
Bring it to Turn It To Cash and let us buy it off your hands. Isn't cash in hand better than a necklace you are not going to be wearing anymore? If you truly are done wearing or holding on to your squash blossom necklace or other gold or silver jewelry, give us a call at 800-527-5079 or visit us online at or come to our store in Chandler, easily accessible to the Phoenix and surrounding valley areas.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Gold Market Rally

What is going on with the precious metal markets?

The last few days have seen all time highs in the gold market - spot prices NEVER seen or experienced before! It was $1,040.25 on Oct 7th. And today, it's already over $1,050!
Now I am of the opinion you do not want to buy gold jewelry at this price as I have seen gold as low as $275 an ounce. But what I am not sure about is will gold come down to the 300s or even 500s??? Or will it keep climbing up? I thought gold in the 900s was a great deal but now I am telling you sell the jewelry you do not want or wear anymore and cash it out at this $1000+ market!
Come on in to our store at 1200 N Arizona Ave, Chandler, visit us online at or hey, go to your source and cash out.
Might as well get more cash in your pocket by acting now!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Unscrupulous Way

We see many people who have bought a piece of jewelry from a jewelry store or a flea market or from a party - and paid for it handsomely. But when we test it, we find out it is marked 'gold' but usually a low karat or not even gold! Now this piece must have been sold to the jewelry store or the flea market or the other sellers as gold - they must have paid the wholesale price for that piece based on what it is stamped.

So who is the unscrupulous one here?

The manufacturer! He should make sure he is making the piece with the gold content that he is stamping. If this is a 14K gold piece, make it with 14K! If it's 10K, make sure the gold is 41.7% in the piece. It's pretty simple!! But due to his shortcuts, he dupes the wholesaler who unknowingly dupes the retailer who in turn unknowingly dupes the consumer. This is wrong and unethical on so many levels.
And I am not just calling out manufactures, but even designers and custom jewelers who make pieces - just make sure the gold content is what you are charging and stamping.

It's a shame to see how far people will go to earn a buck the unscrupulous way.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Gold Buyer

Who buys broken gold jewelry?
Who will buy just 1 earring? Or a kinked chain? Or a ring with a missing stone?

A second hand gold buyer will - as they buy it for the value of the gold or silver in that broken piece, and then get it refined.

Gold buyers are busy buying up broken, scrap or unwanted gold and selling it to refineries who are busy churning out gold bars that investors are buying up. Recycling at its finest:)
And not just gold, silver and platinum too is being bought.

Turn It To Cash is a licensed second hand gold buyer and broker, silver buyer, and platinum buyer serving the East Valley in Phoenix from their store in Chandler, and serving the rest of the country through their website, http:\\ So if you live in Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Ahwatukee, Queen Creek, Phoenix, Casa Grande, Scottsdale, Surprise or Apache Junction, please come to the store. Honest, fair and a pleasure to deal with, they know how to treat their customers! No wonder they have a 70%+ referral rate!!
Come and visit the gold buyers Chandler loves!

Turquoise in Native Indian Jewelry

Turquoise is a major component in Native Indian Jewelry. And they have perfected the blend of silver with this gemstone. Now other gemstones are also used, like Coral, Charoite and Gaspeite.
But oh how they work wonders with Turquoise.

Turquoise is mined in the regions of South Western United States, close to many large reservations. The Navajo tribe, who learnt the trade centuries ago then taught the Zuni and Hopi tribes. Thus many of the pieces from the 19th century were of Navajo styles...but that does not mean they are of Navajo origin!

Turquoise also holds great meaning to most of the Native Indian tribes. The Zuni considered it powerful; the Apache considered it to bring rain; the Pima considered it a talisman of good fortune; the Navajo consider it important in their healing ceremonies.

The turquoise found in jewelry ranges from the most exclusive and precious gem grade to stabilized and synthetic. So be aware of the kind of turquoise you are buying, and pay for it accordingly. You may want to pay for the design, or the workmanship, or the complete piece and be fine with a piece of stabilized turquoise or you may want to buy a piece for the gem grade turquoise and wear that with pride.

Turn It To Cash is buying silver and turquoise jewelry...with cash payouts on the spot!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

How can I sell my broken jewelry and get cash?

How can I sell my broken jewelry and get cash? People ask that alot, and for some it's flat out confusing. Quite frankly, it's very easy to do. With the metal markets riding an all time high rally, the gold chain you have in your box and have not worn in years is worth more than just 4 years ago!

Other questions that may come to mind are...
  • Who do I sell my broken gold jewelry to?
  • How can jewelry be tested?
  • How much should I get?
  • Can I go in a place and sell my jewelry without being judged?
  • What kind of people are these that buy the gold?
  • What do they do with the gold they buy?
You can sell your gold, silver and diamond jewelry to second hand buyers like Turn It To Cash in Chandler, serving the East Valley. Here you will not pawn the jewelry but sell it and walk out with cash.

Your jewelry is tested right in front of your eyes. By testing, they will check it with a loop to see what it is marked. According to the marking, it is then tested, again in front of you.
Then it is weighed and based on the current metal market, priced.

People who walk through the doors are not judged. People are tired of their old jewelry, or have no emotional attachment to their ring, or need to get cash fast ... whatever the reason you want to sell, it is yours. Second hand buyers help you get the most for the precious metal in your jewelry.

This gold buyer has over 35 years experience in the jewelry business. Over the years, the eyes have become trained to correctly judge what something is worth, what the likelihood is of getting a good value for something. Integrity is very much part of this business as all businesses. Treating the customer well is what all businesses should strive for. Turn It To Cash strongly believes in treating the customers so well that they come back and bring their friends too. What better compliment is there than getting your referrals?

The gold and silver bought can be resold or melted.
If melted, it goes to the refineries where it is recycled to produce gold bars. Gold is a hot commodity and people do buy gold bars. They buy silver bars too. Now only so much can be mined, and with mining comes the hazards to the health and environment. Refining cuts those hazards down and reduces the global ecological footprint.
If resold, it is sold in batches to resellers who then refinish, clean and prime it to sell to interested customers.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Purity in metals

Your broken, mismatched or out dated gold and silver jewelry is cash for you.

How? do you ask.

The cash comes from the precious metal content in these items. You get the value of the pure metal in your jewelry. The broken jewelry is melted and refined. Then the precious metal is extracted. This extracted metal then is accumulated into pure gold, pure silver or pure platinum. It is actually kind of a recycling so while you get cash in your hand, you are being eco-friendly and green too as the mining is lessened when these precious metals are reused.

24K gold is 99-100% pure

22K gold is 91.6% pure

18K gold is 75% pure

14K gold is 58.3% pure

10K gold is 41.7% pure

Silver is 92.5% pure

Platinum is 95% pure

So your broken gold chains, dented silver earrings, mismatched gold earrings, missing stone gold rings, old style gold bracelet, the diamond ring that just does not fit your current style, hand made turquoise jewelry can give you more now.

what do we buy?

While we buy your broken gold, silver and platinum jewelry, we also are able to buy jewelry you are bored with and no longer want.

Please come to our store with your jewelry or request a kit online from our website, and let us give you a price for the jewelry.

We will test it in front of you when you come to the store.

If you are one of the ones mailing it in, we assure you it is tested, noted, valued and then the offer is made to you. Either way, we want to give you the best value for your jewelry.

We keep mentioning jewelry but we want you to know we buy a whole lot more:

broken gold jewelry

broken silver jewelry

dental gold

dental silver

diamonds 1/4 carat and larger


gold bangle

gold bars

gold bracelet

gold chain

gold charms

gold coins

gold earring

gold money clip

gold pendant

gold ring

gold watch

school ring

silver bangle

silver chain

silver charms

silver coins

silver earring

silver flatware

silver necklace

silver ring

silver service

silver wedding band it always sterling silver?

We at buy all sorts of jewelry from our customers. Sometimes people come in thinking they have something of value, and it turns out to be just base metal. There are also times when they walk in thinking they have just some junk, and lo and behold, there is real silver or gold in that pile!

Silver is a bit tricky though. Silver plated is not the same as silver in terms of value. A silver plated item has a base of metal, so it may appear heavy but the weight is not of any value.
Silver jewelry is mostly never pure silver...pure silver is not strong enough to be molded into jewelry. Hence Sterling Silver comes into play. Sterling Silver is 92.5 part silver and 7.5 alloy metal - copper, nickel or the likes of that. The weight of a sterling silver item will give you the value of silver as you have 92.5% silver in it.

Look for stamping also. Sterling silver items should have some stamping, usually '925', 'STERLING, 'SS', '950', '800'. At times, the piece may be too small to have a full stamp, so a stamped tag is attached to it. With wear, a stamping can fade also...seen that quite a bit. You can also find country names like 'Italy', 'Thailand', 'China', 'Mexico' stamped. This tells you where this piece was created. Some countries have very strict laws and maintain strict standards, so their stamp means 92.5% silver. Alas some countries are not so diligent and their silver pieces have more alloy metals and lower silver content.

But being stamped does not mean it is sterling silver. Believe me, I have buckets of it to prove. Things look like silver and appear stamped as silver but when it is assayed, it is not. There are some unscrupulous people who actually sell the stuff as silver, thus cheating a chain of people - the wholesaler, the jewelry store owner, the retail customer all are duped. Buyers like me are duped too if the test comes back as silver but the content is very low, like 60 part silver to 40 part alloy metal or even lower.

We test your jewelry right in front of your eyes, so we can see what it is and give you the value based on that test. And we will explain what we see. I have faith that there is more good, more honesty, more ethics out there and that the fake stamped jewelry is only a few and far between.