Friday, June 26, 2015

If you bring it, we will check it! We are the gold silver diamond buyers that take the time with each customer.

In this gold silver & diamond buying industry,  there are some buyers and then there are some buyers. 
Had a gentleman come into our store recently with 2 big plastic totes. They looked like they had many smaller boxes and bags in them. These totes did not scream precious metals at all. Now most people who see that will throw a glance and declare 'there is no gold' or 'this is all junk' and usher the man and his totes out. But not here at Turn It To Cash. We went through the totes for him, opening the boxes and bags, testing the jewelry, and managed to find him a handsome amount of precious metals. 
Imagine if he had been told it was all junk and he had tossed it out? He'd have thrown away over $1,000! 

Whether you walk in with a bag of gold or a tote of boxes or a broken ring, you will be treated with our full attention. If you have taken the time to walk into our store to have something looked at, we owe you that service. 

Turn It To Cash - honoring everyone that walks through our doors since 2008. 

Welcome to Turn It To Cash, Inc.

Turn It To Cash, Inc 1200 N Arizona Ave, Ste 4Chandler, AZ 85225 480-854-4849

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Last Man Standing

A few years back this gold buying business was booming, with lots of people selling their gold and silver jewelry for cash, and many similar shops opened up as precious metal buyers. There were barber shops, car repair garages, lube services and check cashing places buying gold and silver on the side to cash in on what seemed like a lucrative business opportunity. Unfortunately many of these shops opened up with no experience in the gold, jewelry, or diamond industry and as a result, many hard working Americans were duped into selling their gold for less than its true value. 
Others that had experience in the business used this model as a chance to cheat individuals and take advantage of those who had little knowledge of the true value of precious metals and fine jewelry. Many shops opened up and were low-balling individuals whom they felt they can take advantage of while offering fair offers to those they felt understood their item's true value. 
We hear story after story from clients that used to sell to these unscrupulous businesses of all the tricks they used, be it uncalibrated scales, faulty acid testing, or simply low balling individuals on prices. 
After several years of various shops opening and closing, it seems only the honest and trustworthy businesses remain. Although a few unscrupulous shops still exist, we feel confident we will be counted among the honest and trustworthy businesses, and we will be the last man standing.

Your trusted Gold Silver & Diamond Buyers 

Feel free to come in and get a no hassle estimate on your jewelry. We are open 6 days a week, Monday to Friday 9:30am - 5:30pm, and Saturdays till 4pm. 

1200 N Arizona Ave, Ste 4,
Chandler, AZ 85225

Friday, May 15, 2015

Precious Metals | Gold Silver Platinum Palladium

There are metals and there are precious metals. A precious metal is a rare, naturally occurring metallic chemical element of high economic value. Some of the more common precious metals are gold, silver, platinum, rhodium and palladium. Of those, gold and silver are the more popular. These precious metals have been valued and used for centuries. While the precious metals have industrial uses also, they are known for their use in jewelry, coinage and art. 

Gold has historically been used in jewelry and held on by families, being passed down from generation to generation in some parts of the world. It is even revered in some cultures. In those countries gold jewelry is made from high karat, close to pure gold. Here in America, we managed to make jewelry out of 10 karat gold, which has 41.6% gold. Jewelry here is mostly made of 10 karat, 14 karat or 18 karat gold. 

In recent times, with the price of gold rising by leaps and bounds, people here realized their broken and unworn jewelry was cash just laying around. Most broken things do not yield much of a return but when it comes to gold jewelry, the return is handsome. Gold jewelry may be damaged and broken, or out of style, but the gold in that jewelry is still good and of value. So while you will get a payout based on the value of gold, it is still a generous return on your broken, unwanted or outdated jewelry. Look at it this way - a dress bought some years back is worth a dollar or two at the garage sale, or just a drop off to the local donation store. A broken piece of furniture is one call away from bulk pick up. But with gold, silver, diamond jewelry, it is a completely different ball game. So before you throw away anything that looks like gold, silver, diamonds, have an expert look at it. Most places should do that free of charge. If you are unsure of where to go, feel free to come with your broken or unwanted gold, silver, diamond jewelry and the folks at Turn It To Cash will gladly evaluate it for you, free of charge. 

Turn It To Cash
1200 N Arizona Ave (1/4 mile north of Ray Rd)
Suite 4
Chandler, AZ 85225

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Silver Plate....or is it Silverplate - whichever it it we buy it!

Silver plate is the process of bonding an extremely thin layer (measured in microns) of silver to a base metal. The base metals most commonly used are copper, brass, white metal, or nickel. 
This layer of silver is so thin and nearly impossible to recover from the item. Silverplate has no intrinsic silver value. It has very little resale value as tableware. If you are like me, even garage sales do not bring anything for these items. 
BUT.....we here at Turn It To Cash buy silver plated items. Sure it's not as valuable as sterling silver, but at least its not a zero payout! By the way, we buy Gold Plated items also! 

The markings on Silver plated items that you will commonly find are:
EP (Electroplate) 
EPNS (electroplated nickel silver)
Sheffield (older stamps)
Quad Plate
Silver on Copper
Triple Plate
You will sometimes also see just 'Silver' - do not let that fool you into thinking this is Sterling Silver as manufacturers are not allowed to use the word "Sterling" on plated items, so you will never see the term "Sterling Plated".

Serving trays, coffee service sets, flatware sets, mismatched forks and spoons, bowls, covered dishes, platters - these are just some of the items we buy in silver plated. 

If you are unsure of what you have, if it is a Sterling item or a silver plated item, please bring your pieces in and we can take a closer look at the items and help you identify them. This of course is always done free of charge and right in front of you. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Gold Silver Diamond Buying is not just a phase for us - it is our business

Do you recall a few years ago when every corner had a 'We Buy Gold' sign? You could not drive 3 miles without seeing one of those signs. And they came in all combinations - lube shop and gold, tax service and gold, barber shop and gold, convenience store and gold, and lots more! Many people jumped into this business to make money and then closed up shop. Does it make you wonder about the few left standing? 

Turn It To Cash has been Your Trusted Gold, Silver and Diamond Buyers since 2008. In a business where people closed up shop within a year or 2, this seems like a lifetime :) Our jewelry industry background of 40+ years and our attitude of treating all our customers fairly and to the best of our ability has allowed us to remain in Chandler, offering our gold buying services. Our office is open 6 days a week - with the exception of major holidays - we have families too :) - and we are here to welcome you, to have us give you a free no obligation estimate. We do not believe in pushy high pressure sales tactics. We believe in treating you like we like to be treated - honestly and truthfully. 

So if you find yourself with some old gold jewelry, a diamond ring that you no longer want, or broken or tarnished silver jewelry, come see us. We will be glad to give you a price after we test and weight and evaluate your pieces. 

Our office is located in the East Valley, in Chandler, We are easily accessible from the 60, the 101 and the 202. Our address is:

Turn It To Cash, Inc1200 N Arizona Ave, # 4Chandler, AZ 85225

You will find us here Monday through Friday 9:30am till 5:30pm, and Saturdays till 4pm. 

You can always call us at 480-854-4849

Email us at turnittocash@yahoo.comOur website is

Remember us for all your GOLD, DIAMOND, SILVER, COINS, GOLD PLATED and SILVER PLATED needs!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Now Buying Musical Instruments - violins trumpets saxophone flutes xylophone trombone clarinets

Did you know that Turn It To Cash buys Musical Instruments! Yes, we sure do!! And they do not have to be made of gold or silver for us to look at them ;) 

So if you have old instruments collecting dust, bring them to us and let us make you an offer. We can assess the piece and make you an offer, all in front of you. 

We are buying saxophone, violin, trumpet, trombone, xylophone, clarinet, harmonica, tuba, french horn, piccolo, snare drum, bass drum, guitar.

Come visit us at 1200 N Arizona Ave, Chandler, AZ 85225, 1/4 mile north of Ray Road.
Phone: 480-854-4849

What should you expect when you come to Turn It To Cash, Inc?

Turn It To Cash, Inc are licensed precious metal buyers with a BBB Accredited standing. Our policy is to treat all our customers with dignity and integrity. We strive to give our customers full value of their unwanted jewelry. 

We are aware there are many options out there but we believe we stand above the rest because we are fair and transparent in each and every transaction.   

What should you expect when you come to Turn It To Cash, Inc? 

First off, we examine the pieces in front of you, to identify and separate by karat (18K, 14K, 10K, 925). 

Then each item is tested in front of you to check for purity. 18K should be 75%, 14K should be 58.5% and 10K should be 41.6% pure. This test, while it requires us to rub the item, does not damage your items. We also use a density scale for some items, which requires us to place the solid jewelry piece in water. We want to reiterate again, this does not damage your item but helps us make an assessment to the purity of your item, which then lets us determine the price.  

Once we assess the purity, we will weigh the items in front of you on our Arizona Department of Weights and Measures certified and calibrated scales.  

After the weight is determined, the items are priced per karat and we make you an offer on what your gold is worth. The price is based on the current gold market price, thus it changes daily but rest assured, it is the best price everyday. 

We believe in treating our customers fairly - so you tell your family and friends about us.  Be it a diamond ring you do not want anymore, smashed earrings, platinum wire or coins, we are able to buy these from you. 
Tested, weighed and priced all in front of you. Come in today to our Chandler location located at 1200 N Arizona Ave, just north of Ray Road.